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About us Renuka Earth Movers

Renuka Earth Movers founded on 18th September 1998 has been working in this field since the foundation. we as a company believe to deliver our best service provided in mainly excavation work. since , it was founded on its primary basis. As years passed on with multiple opportunities we as a company started exploring in different aspect of work tangential to the earthwork such as Pilling, drilling, Rock anchoring and yet to explore structural consultancy with PMC. we hereby too declare that, we are Registered Government Contractor (MCGM) 2018 having a turnover target completed in the financial year 2018-2019 with our best teams to build footpath roadways with paver , and culverts with different aspect of work apart from Earth work.

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Even tough Civil work consist of 10% of total turnover in India yet , it has to get the legal status as an Industries. Working for civil engineering works it is not necessary one should have an degree in civil. civil engineering is mainly all about common

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Our Mission is to Educate all the small time entrepreneur to opt out the working conventionally. In order to achieve this eradication of traditional work we as company are planning to go hand in hand with IT(Technology based) with contact we have in this

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